Monday, March 4, 2013


My name is margaret and I am trying to teach students about sex.
and blogging.
I am not very good at either, but I try really really hard

In seriousness I am teaching as part of this awesome course.

when I am not really nervous and sweaty and sleep deprived and in front of a room of students who are laughing at me, I blog more seriously here.

Here is a picture of me that I found on the internet

And this is the novel that I wrote yesterday....

Actually I am not Margaret Mayhew the romance novelist. I am desperately unpublished junior academic.

I have started a *slightly* more serious version of the subject blog here. this has my reflections on each week - and is designed to be a model for students setting up their own blogs - and also to ensure that some of the material in the academic world can be accessed by ordinary folks who can't pay uni fees or take off time from work/families/life to do a wonderful subject like Gender Studies.....